Why 3D print stuff?

For people that have never had the chance to work with a 3D printer, the possibilities that printers offer are unknown. We have all heard about 3D printers the last few years, and how they plan to revolutionize consumer products and design in general. The biggest notion is the idea that almost anyone can design and print an object for their specific needs without the idea of having to purchase an existing part, or even bother to look for it in the first place.

Case in point. Last year I needed a small plug for a plumbing job around the house. It was Sunday evening, and nothing was open. So I measured the hole I needed to plug, made a quick design in CAD, and then off to the 3D printer. Part was made and installed withing a few hours. Job completed.




Here’s a link to some cool 3D printed parts. https://all3dp.com/15-useful-things-to-3d-print-which-are-actually-useful/

So, what are you waiting for, design something and have it printed.